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Want to Learn How To Start a Successful Marketing Agency and Land Your First 5 Clients This Week?
Want to Learn How To Start a Successful Marketing Agency and Land Your First 5 Clients?
What is Agency Accelerator?
An A-Z Marketing Agency Coaching Program and Community, giving you everything you need to start a successful marketing agency. 

Joel Kaplan has coached thousands of marketing agency owners over the past few years (more than 50 of which have scaled past 100 active clients). 

Joel sold Atlas Digital (his $350,000/mo marketing agency for chiropractors) in 2021 in order to focus 100% on coaching. 
TikTok Ads
The #1 hottest trend in marketing and the biggest opportunity of 2022. We've already cracked the code for you. 
10 Clients in 10 Days (Exclusive)
In addition to our flagship course, you get exclusive, behind-the scenes, bonus content as a part of the community.
0 Clients - 10 Clients
The step by step process we've taught to countless beginner agency owners to go from $0 to $10,000/mo.
7 Clients in 7 Days
Live masterclass showing how to close 1 client per day in your first week alone. 
100K/Mo Interviews
Access to all of our past interviews with our top clients (who scaled past 100K/mo). 
Private Facebook Group
Join an exclusive private community of successful agency owners striving to scale past 7 figures. 
1 Coaching Call/Month
1 call per month hosted by one of our 100K/mo agency owner clients with a Q&A.
Outreach Scripts
Revealing the exact scripts needed to get prospects on the phone (without spending a dime on ads).
Ig/FB Profile/Groups
3 masterclasses on how to setup your IG/FB profiles for success and building a revenue generating FB group.
INtro Call
How to setup your initial prospect call for success (so that you can close the deal on the second call).
Demo Call
Our battle-tested process for effortlessly closing high-ticket monthly retainers (without being salesy).
0 to $100K/Mo
Our exclusive 0 to $100K/mo masterclass breaking down our step by step process to scale to $100K. 




  • 7 Clients in 7 Days Masterclass
  • ​$100K/mo Success Interviews
  • ​​IG DM Masterclass
  • ​FB Profile Masterclass
  • ​FB Group Masterclass
  • ​Agency Ads Masterclass
  • ​Intro Call Masterclass
  • ​Demo Call Masterclass
  • ​Outreach Script Breakdowns
  • ​1 Coaching Call Per Month
  • ​Private Facebook Group

Limited Time Offer 
For Only $497

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check out MORE testimonials

MORE testimonials

"From 3 clients to over 20 clients"

Dan Tieman


"I'd built a money-making trap that I couldn't escape from..."

Nicholas Korom


"We closed 8 clients in just two days."

Sage Mauk


Will this really work for you?

Funny you asked (even though I kinda did).

There are obviously circumstances where we can't help certain coaches, consultants, or agency owners.

And if we don't believe we can help, we will send you packing with our best recommendation or schedule a follow up down the road for when things make more sense.

Plus, that's EXACTLY the concern most clients have before they apply for this program.

And after watching some of the videos below, they're able to make a better decision about whether it makes sense to work with us or not.

Jordan and Katie's Success

John's Success

Patrick's Success

Brett's Success

Luke's Success

Dan's Success

Chuckie's Success

Justin's Success

Bref's Success

Ricky's Success

Edric's Success

Trenton's Success

Nicholas's Success

Pierce's Success

Andrew's Success

Dan's Success

Bao's Success

Peter's Success

Commonly asked questions we've gotten from our happy clients.
What happens after my $1 seven day trial is complete?
Upon completion of the $1 seven day trial, you will automatically be billed for $99/mo recurring (unless you opt out).
Is this a one-time fee or billed monthly?
You have the option to pay $99/mo or you can pay a one time fee of $594 (50% discount) for the year.
Is there a long-term commitment?
None whatsoever. However, you do not keep access to the trainings if you cancel your membership.
What happens after I buy?
You will receive instant access to our exclusive Facebook and your membership portal (including all the free trainings).
Are my billing & credit card information secure?
Yes, 100%. 
How do I cancel my subscription?
Please email support@agencylab.io in order to cancel your monthly subscription.  

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